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New Spiritual Journey Bundle

New Spiritual Journey Bundle

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Do you need help starting your New Spiritual Journey? 

The PYE New Spiritual Bundle will help you get started with the essentials. 

Amplify intentional energy into your life. The bundle provides everything you need for any specific intention to perform rituals, increase frequency, and manifest your desires + more.

Do You have Burning Questions About Love, Your Destiny, Or Your Future? Tetaisha ’Taisha’ Hunter is a Spiritual messenger offering clarity, guidance, empowerment and healing to those in search of peace, strength and enlightenment. Ready? Let’s get that message to you! Get a 1 on 1 (15 min) Session or Request the message to be emailed. You will receive an email to schedule your spiritual reading. Follow@amalgamdivinityglo
The Bundle will consist of 5-6 Items like: Mystery Tee, Sage, Incense, Incense Holder, Palo Santo, Protect Yo Energy Bracelet, Florida Water, and Crystal Quartz + More
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