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Who doesn't love a mystery crystal!? One random Crystal per order. Please be mindful that all crystals vary in size and clarity, but each bag will have beautiful energy! Possible crystals in your mystery bag -Amethyst -Amazonite -Clear Quartz -Smoky Quartz -Sodalite -Rose Quartz -Honey Calcite -Citrine -Tourmaline -Moonstone -Tigers Eye -Fluorite -Labradorite and more!



  • shield against physical and emotional negativity
  • get rid of emotional blockages
  • promote the qualities of strength, clarity, and compassion
  • help you find your true sense of self

Rose quartz


  • help restore trust and harmony in relationships
  • enhance connection
  • provide comfort and calm during times of grief
  • encourage love, respect, trust, and self-worth



  • help rid the mind of negative thoughts
  • bring forth humility, sincerity, and spiritual wisdom
  • promote willpower and healthy choices
  • aid sleep and demystify dreams

Clear quartz

  • amplify energy
  • aid concentration and memory
  • help balance your energetic system




  • help you release negative emotions, like fear and doubt
  • encourage optimism, warmth, motivation, and clarity
  • enhance mindfulness qualities
  • encourage creativity
  • support concentration

Tiger’s eye


  • help rid your mind and body of fear, anxiety, and self-doubt
  • guide you to harmony and balance
  • help you make clear, conscious decisions



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Sarah F
I needed this one

My First Rose Quartz.... I looked it up... Im ready for the love flow