#quarantine Things to do to Protect Yo Mental Health 💓


#quarantine Things to do to Protect Yo Mental Health 💓
⚡️ 1. Bust it open or Trap Yoga with @yogaplayground
Being able to stretch freely smoke freely & just be is liberating & stimulating to the mind body & soul.
⚡️ 2. Cooking with @seonkyounglongest
The the methodical breakdown of the recipes cooked daily make Me feel accomplished & the cuisine is restaurant quality.
⚡️ 3. Stay active with @effectfitness bring a towel 💪🏾 Getting up & moving throughout the day is So necessary since the couch has become My best friend. These workouts give Me My cardio x10 & I enjoy interacting on the chat with other fitness minded people.
⚡️ 4. Dropping Gems and Tarot readings with @thehoodhealer
If Your Auntie were a millennial She would be like the hood healer who you can smoke & chill with & have really thought provoking dialogue.
⚡️ 5. Get up and dance Movement Motivation with @salahananse
One of the best DJ’s to vibe to on Sunday with universal sounds that will keep you moving.
⚡️ 6. KICKIN up dust with @djkemit vibes
This House God will have You turning Your living room into a 21st century juke joint & dancing the night into the morning just like You did before quarantine-ing was a thing. ⚡️
⚡️ 7. Breathe with me @protectyoenergy 5-10min meditation to calm and relax you
The perfect calm in this unpredictable life that We live. The opportunity to reset & release before You begin Your day
⚡️ 8. Prayer circle and Raw eats with @debramazer we all need it period thank you luv for being of service 💓💓💓
⚡️ 9. Droppin Gems about mental health and selfcare with @guidancegirlem Her energy is amazing!! ⚡️
⚡️ ⚡️
10. @iwifresh one of my favorite spas in the ATL. Watch live demonstrations on how to take of your skin with products in your kitchen!! @iwifresh also carries #protectyoenergy products!! ⚡️

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