Energy Shift Prayer! This Sunday 10AM IG LIVE

Affirmative Prayer is a non-denominational energy shift, using words.  We transform challenges and charge intentions with powerful positive energy.  Everyone listening will receive the energy of these Prayers.  Whether you believe in God, Goddess, the Universe, your Inner Truth, Life Force Energy, Mother Nature, or Nothing at All... we got you covered!  We pray for The healing world, the New Earth, Relationship/ Love, Money/ Career, Spiritual Path, Wellness, and more.  


Debra Mazer is an Ordained Minister and Wedding Officiant through the Universal Life Church, and a Certified Prayer Warrior through Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles, with Rev. Michael Beckwith.  She's an Energy Healer, Life Coach, and Spiritual Author.  


For more information, visit, or #protectyoenergy 

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